“Javier opens a door between tradition and modernity. We can see this through his plain, transparent album, where he reassures his particular way of composing, in which his voice breaks in order to fulfill his audience’s expectations.”
> Composer, singer and producer of more than 80 songs.

> Billboard has placed him 2nd in his CHART of emerging artists worldwide, managing to be the only Hispanic in the chart.

> Independently, he made his albums in Argentina, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and the USA.

> His first album Invéntame contains 9 songs in Spanish and 2 in English.

> The famous reggae band Dancing Mood participated in one of the songs on the album.

> Invéntame is a portrait of him, a mix of fluid melodies, intense arrangements and international sounds. An authentic combination born in the interior of the performer and composer who knows how to feel music in its purest state. Because what you hear is what you feel. Evidence of this is every song in which Javier, with a fresh and captivating voice, presents himself as he is. Avant-garde and with a global vision he composed songs in Spanish and English and made musical fusions from different parts of the world. He sings to love, to indifference and to our environment of life.

> Reconnected is his recent album in English (with a couple of songs in Spanish) to exploit that British and international pop side that he knows very well. This is how Javier feels about his new album: Reconnected is to reconnect with music and this time in a deeper way. This disc deals with themes that transcend us and particularly in each song anyone can feel identified. The album talks about sustainability, dreams, desires, commitments, perseverance, and at the same time it does it from the side with a lot of conscience. Without a doubt it is an album that makes me grow as a composer, musician and producer and at the same time as a person. Particularly, it is an album in which I became too involved in capturing what a singer-songwriter perceives, feels and wishes of the world. The positive, the negative and the genuine desire to try to change, to contribute to be better, in order to evolve.

> This is not the single of the CD, song that Greenpeace, Conservation International, Ocean, Anima Naturalis have recommended in Spain, Australia, Chile, Mexico and England.

> He made a tour in the Dominican Republic, making a total of 25 presentations in the most important media and programs in the country.

> On his discs he has the participation of prestigious musicians such as: the guitarist of Shakira, Ricardo Ramos, who also recorded with Enrique Iglesias, Toni Braxton and was director of Franco de Vita; also the guitarist of Alejandro Fernández, Federico Mendez; who recorded with Camila, Chayanne, José Feliciano, Armando Manzanero; the bassist of Britney Separs, Steve Style Rodriguez, who also recorded and worked with Linkin Park, Alicia Keys, Alejandro Sanz; Don Omar's drummer, Eliezer Berrios, who also worked with Laura Pausini; in turn, the drummer and bassist of Juan Luis Guerra, Abed Nego Santos and Ezequiel Enriquez; and the Alejandro Sanz pianist, Chris Hierro.

> Songs recorded in New York, Bs. As, Guadalajara and Santo Domingo.

> Javier, along with an Argentine composer, Fabian Farhat (winner of a Grammy Award and ASCAP) wrote songs for other artists.

> 19 fan clubs the fans created in countries like Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, the United States, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Canada, Puerto Rico, among others adding a total of 100,000 people.

> On his site at he managed more than 1,400,000 visits.

> Javier is always found talking to his fans on Facebook, Twitter o Google +